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Ryan Adams | Prisoner Tour - Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, June 1, 2017

As date nights go, this was a big one. MK and I celebrated our 44th anniversary of our first date way back on June 1, 1973. I recall that we went to see Bloom in Love starring George Segal, Susan Anspach and Kris Kristofferson at the Peppertree Plaza Theater in Santa Maria, CA. This time around, we got to see a great live rock 'n roll show with Ryan Adams at the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara with our good friends Paul and Jane Hobbs and Ken and Vicki Forman. It's always great to be back on the Central Coast with my old friends who most likely had a date night themselves back in the day at the Peppertree.

In beautiful Santa Barbara we met at Carlito's Cafe Cantina on State St. for dinner, which is only a block away from the Granada and I highly recommend it to anyone. By the way, the halibut tacos were muy bueno!

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Anyway, Ryan Adam's first solo album was Heartbreaker back in 2000 that Paul's daughter, Meredith gave him at some point. My daughter, Shawna has also been a big Ryan Adams fan and so our kids kind of turned us on to this great artist. I can't speak for Ken and Vicki, but know that Dave Rawlings co-wrote, To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) on Heartbreaker with Ryan, so with Ken and Vicki being big Dave Rawlings fans, that's got to figure into the mix somewhere. Gillian Welch and Emmy Lou Harris are also on Heartbreaker and it's just "a must have album" for any Americana music fan.

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For me, I didn't really start following Ryan Adams until his 16th studio album and latest release, Prisoner which came out in February. This is what I love about writing a music blog as it constantly pushes me to listen to new music just like I did when I was a kid. Now its been reported that Ryan wrote up to 80 versions of songs for Prisoner based on his recent divorce from singer-songwriter and actress Mandy Moore. As you listen to the songs on this album, you really do feel his pain, but as they say I guess that's where great art comes from. Moore is currently dating Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes and if anything, Mandy's got a great ear for picking bands.

Here is the SetList from last Thursday's night show as I will include several of the videos that I shot from yes, our third row seats. We got these tickets by just sheer dumb luck off Stub Hub (no plug here as all these ticket brokers are just money-sucking agents of the devil, sorry just had to add that). Anyway, I had been using my phone all day walking around Santa Barbara and it died during the concert while videoing a pretty funny monologue by Ryan after a fan shouted out to him, "Tell them to stand up Ryan." Ryan follows by saying, "No I'm not going to tell them to stand up because it is a theater, why stand when you can sit down, this is a movie" [big laughs]. He goes on and is great but I just want to say THANK YOU Ryan Adams for speaking to all the decent people of the world who have paid for a ticket at a seating venue and are stuck behind some assholes who stand up and block your view all night. Thank you so much for saying that!

Ryan and the band were fantastic as I was lucky and kind of honored to be up close to see this guy for the first time and also see his very witty personality! Ryan walked out in the beginning, bent over plugged in his guitar and said, "Let's do a rock show" I loved that and he lived up to that in every way! I don't think this will be my last Ryan Adams show and my daughter Shawna will clock me if she's not invited next time. Or, she will at least have to invite me if she finds out first about the next Ryan Adams concert in San Diego!

Here is my Ryan Adams YouTube Playlist with my standard 25 video compilation that I have also broken out individually below with some of my favorite Ryan Adams songs with a few clips from last Thursday's performance. I also added the Marc Maron Podcast with Ryan Adams from Feb. 2017. And just found out that Ryan is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

Also, pardon my four fuzzy videos that follow of the Prisoner Tour @ the Granada Theater. I was more interested in watching than taping but I think Ryan's voice and humor shines through.

And thanks Mary Kit for the fun times yesteryear and today!

and Shawna's request

and my favorite...

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