Monday, February 5, 2018

Ooh Alexa, you're the winner!

My sister Stephanie calls Amazon Echo's voice, Alexa a "musical savant." I thought this was a perfect description as when you ask Alexa for a specific song and artist, "she/it" comes through most of the time with the correct tune. However, when you ask Alexa a typical search question, "it" typically answers. "sorry I don't know that one." Or, goes off course and even through progressive "dumbed-down" questions doesn't get close to what you want. I've been with groups of friends where we all give a stab at asking Alexa basically a similar version of the same question, but eventually give up and have to do a Google search on one of our phones to get the answer.

So here's some fun videos with Alexa, including in my opinion, the winning commercial from this year's Super Bowl. 

Small Children and Alexa -

Southern Alexa -

 Alexa and old people - 

And finally, the best Super Bowl commercial of 2018 by Amazon itself. The part about country music is laugh out load funny!