Monday, July 08, 2024

Summer Tunes 2024

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Wonderful Winston @ The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My Google Calendar reminded me that I usually write a Summer Tunes blog and playlist. Now, I realize I'm late for your July 4th barbecue, but there's still plenty of summer days ahead to give this a spin.

He's got arms like legs, 
he's got hands on his feet
He's got a nose like a doughnut, 
he's got a tendency to overeat
This year's playlist influences have me including some themes of baseball as my grandsons have played on their respective little league all-star teams this summer. Mary Kit and I have renewed our annual San Diego Zoo passes, and I've even purchased a gorilla beach hat recently to protect me from the sun this summer. Even got James Taylor's Gorilla (1975) mixed with some zoo video I shot last Saturday that's included in the playlist.

I also started watching Bruce Brown's Endless Summer on YouTube the other night and decided to add the whole movie here at the end of the playlist this year as I usually end the summer mix with that theme song.

Enjoy this year's mix, not to mention my past summers of inspired songs my friends. 

Summer Tunes 2024

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Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019 Combined Playlist

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  1. What a treat to get a blog when you least expect it! Looks like a goodie! Thanks Doug


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