Monday, July 08, 2024

Summer Tunes 2024

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Wonderful Winston @ The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My Google Calendar reminded me that I usually write a Summer Tunes blog and playlist. Now, I realize I'm late for your July 4th barbecue, but there's still plenty of summer days ahead to give this a spin.

He's got arms like legs, 
he's got hands on his feet
He's got a nose like a doughnut, 
he's got a tendency to overeat
This year's playlist influences have me including some themes of baseball as my grandsons have played on their respective little league all-star teams this summer. Mary Kit and I have renewed our annual San Diego Zoo passes, and I've even purchased a gorilla beach hat recently to protect me from the sun this summer. Even got James Taylor's Gorilla (1975) mixed with some zoo video I shot last Saturday that's included in the playlist.

I also started watching Bruce Brown's Endless Summer on YouTube the other night and decided to add the whole movie here at the end of the playlist this year as I usually end the summer mix with that theme song.

Enjoy this year's mix, not to mention my past summers of inspired songs my friends. 

Summer Tunes 2024

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Summer Tunes 2022

Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019 Combined Playlist

Monday, July 01, 2024

The Fab Four, Sixty Years On and an August 14th Connection

With a little help from my friends, I saw the Beatles tribute band, The Fab Four  for now a second time at Humphreys Concerts By The Bay this past Friday. Mary Kit and I invited some very close OG Santa Maria friends to visit us in San Diego: Ken and Vicki Forman, Ron Zieman, and Paul and Jane Hobbs. We topped the visit off with this concert. However, Paul and Jane couldn't make the trip and concert at the last minute. 

Now, if there was anyone more fitting to go to a Beatle tribute band concert, it would be Paul. As a 9 year old lad from Santa Maria, CA, who upon first hearing The Beatles in 1964, went on to put his heart and soul into becoming a professional musician. The Beatles sonic influence on him continues to this day.

So what do with Paul's and Jane's two tickets? I immediately thought of my grandson, Brendan who is a big Beatles fan... and 9 years old. 

Brendan, Shawna and, hey Grandude
Not only that... Maybe there's something more than a coincidence that Paul and Brendan are born exactly sixty years apart to the day! Paul born, August 14th 1954, and Brendan August 14, 2014.

Seeing the Fab Four would be Brendan's first live concert. My daughter Shawna who also loves The Beatles would be the natural choice to use the second ticket.

So Paul's unfortunate hand at missing a little San Diego vacation and Beatles with his buds, turns into a wonderful moment for three generations of McIntosh Beatle fans.

Life sometimes brings a sad song, and then it's just making it better.

Paul and Brendan I love you both.
Let's just keep the cosmic forces working together for all of us!
This eclectic Beatle playlist is for the both of you.

p.s. Brendan loved the show! His favorite Beatle song, Let it Be.