Monday, March 26, 2018

They say it's your Birthday

I don't normally beat my chest on my own birthday, but all my grandkids know I love The Beatles and they've been playing Beatles songs on Alexa for me the past few days.

My granddaughter Elliot painted me a picture of Yellow Submarine and I received a ceramic octopus from my other granddaughter Lucille.

I have 8 grandchildren that I love like crazy and in honor of their love to me and The Beatles, here's a little Beatles to start your Monday. Also, it was Elton John's birthday yesterday so I'll throw in one of Lucille's favorites from the movie, "Sing."

Monday, March 19, 2018


Oh, Stormy, oh, Stormy, bring back that sunny day

is the Classics IV 1968 hit song that just starting playing in my head this past week. I don't think you need to ask why? With the constant sh#! show at The Whitehouse, not withstanding the Stormy Daniels scandal, there's always a dark cloud over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days. 

But hey, we've also had a little bit of rain down here in San Diego that the local weather guy called a "storm," and I say that with a chuckle as MK and I fly up to Seattle this week. I'm packing my trusty North Face parka and expect the usual precipitation with a chance of snow this Saturday with what I'm told will include some grandparent activities as well in the forecast.

So boomers, the Stormy video below will take you back with Dennis Yost's vocals as you'll also remember their other hits (from my junior high years),  Spooky in 1967 and, Traces in January 1969. Although, I don't recall any Classics IV songs ever being performed by the local cover bands at the Fesler Jr. High dances, like Iron Butterfly's 1968, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Wow, I'm putting the Classics IV and Iron Butterfly together in the same sentence; although musically speaking, it was a more of a wide-open time in 1968, and one of the very best years in rock 'n' roll history. Enjoy my friends!