Monday, March 01, 2021

Neil Young Archives (NYA) • Way Down In The Rust Bucket

Photo Source: NYA Times-Contrarian 2/23/21.

he Neil Young Archives (NYA) is an ongoing project started by Neil to curate all his recordings, photos, videos and memorabilia spanning across his career. In 2016, NYA became a website and in 2019, he created a subscription service website with enhanced high-quality audio streaming all his music.

The subscription service is $2.00 a month or $20.00 a year. This includes getting all of Neil's music through his Xstream audio service on your phone, tablet, or by using the NYA web site. If you are a yearly subscriber that also gets you to the front of the line for concert pre-sales.

NYA provides a free experience in that you can browse and read so much information relating to Young's life that I highly recommend you check out and explore the web site. One of the features of the site is the NYA Times-Contrarian with tons of articles organized in an old faded yellow newspaper format. You can also hear the 'Song of the Day', or a 'Featured Album.'

The web site is one of the most creative web sites I have ever seen. Its just so retro-funky cool, reflecting Young's personality and attention to detail as he does with all the varied projects in his life.

Now what got me back to look at NYA was the February 26th release for his never released double live album with Crazy Horse, Way Down In The Rust Bucket

The album was recorded on November 13, 1990 at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA, where the band was warming up for their upcoming Ragged Glory tour. The show consisted of three sets and an encore, featuring most of recently released Ragged Glory, as well as older fan favorites and deeper cuts. Wikipedia

Here's the web interface for Way Down In The Rust Bucket on NYA, and I've got you covered this week with the playlist of the album on YouTube.
Enjoy the concert my friends! this is only the beginning
as March is going to be a Neil Young Archives month, and remember, 
rust never sleeps.