Monday, October 19, 2015

Wichita Lineman

This past week I watched the documentary, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me and it got me to thinking about my father who past away in 2014. My dad worked for the General Telephone Company and started his career as a Lineman in Santa Maria, California. In 1968, Glen Campbell released the Jimmy Webb song, Wichita Lineman and it has always made me think of my dad, kind of like his theme song. I've included the song in My 100 Songs YouTube playlist below as it continues to grow. So this one's for you dad.

This is a quick blog this week and my last on a weekly basis for a while. I need to focus on building my educational consulting business as things are starting to take off for me. I hope to continue to post Monday Monday Music blogs on a sporadic basis and hope you enjoyed the ones I have written so far. I'll keep adding songs to my list here and should be a pretty good mix of music to enjoy. Let's all just keep listening to all kinds of music as much as possible. Our minds are meant to be fed rhythm as it nourishes the soul and keeps us young. Take care my friends.


  1. Thanks for all of your research and work on this! Such an awesome collection of music for all of us to enjoy! Much success with GROUPWERK!!

  2. Thank you Doug. This made me cry, but it is a fitting tribute to your Dad. We both loved Glen Campbell. I forgot I gave you the hard hat. Keep up all the good work. I love you, Mom

  3. Nice job on the blog, Doug! Keep livin' the dream!

  4. Hi, Doug - Thanks so much for the post. My Dad loved Glen Campbell.
    Paul Hobbs used to play Wichita Lineman during his gigs around the San Luis Obispo area. One great memory of my Dad and that song is hearing Paul play at the McLintocks Saloon. Paul can sing Wichita Lineman really well, and it made my Dad so happy. As I recall ~ my sisters and brother in the saloon starting singing along with Paul. Anytime I hear that song - I immediately think of my Dad. He is gone now, but I think about him often. His birthday is October 30th. Thanks for the memories. :)


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