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Monday, August 01, 2022

Summer Tunes 2022

Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019 • 2022

I'm listening  to the Norah Jones song, Toes and it just hits me, why haven't I created a summer mix playlist every summer like I've done with my Christmas Mix since 2015? 

Wait a minute, let the old brain clear out the cobwebs, actually I've kind of done that. I went back into the MMM archives and sure enough found that I had built up a playlist over a couple of summers in 2018 and 2019 called, Summer Tunes. I cleaned out the deleted files and cut the playlist down to just under 100 songs. 

Then, I created a new playlist for 2022 as I'm a little late to the party publishing this new summer playlist in August, but I think it's worth the wait. 

I would suggest you have a little OUTDOOR summer barbecue this month with only people in your inner circle because of the BA 5 thing, and play both playlists at your party! 

I have even embedded both playlists right here because you'll have had several drinks at your party, and won't be able to find the other one.

Enjoy my friends! Hope I can remember to make a new playlist next summer? 

Hey, where's my drink!

Dug;s Wurl Famuss Strwbary Banannna Smotieh

  1. Find a blendr
    Covid Summer Bummer
    2020 Cocktails 
    with the Family

  2. In the frig- find the Strwberry Margrrrrita miX - poor whatevr amoun in
  3. find the Frezzzr
  4. 50-50 chAnce, there will b a bag of frozn bananassss and maybe strawberries too, cuz in summer all the Costico fruit goes bad unles u freeeez it - Put the frozn frut in - maybe sum ice cUbes 2
  5. somewear On the counter their wil be tequila or my fav, Ketel ONE vodca - Pour in wahtever
  6. Dn't forget tu put on the lid -
    I hate wehn that happins
  7. Turn on teh radio I mean blender
  8. you Might hav to TilT it bac and rok it back and fourth to brak up the frozen stouf
  9. pur carfully Enjoy!
  10. Drink, but do nut drive my friedns- Happi Sumner!
p.s The drunk I mean drink aT the top is MK's grapfrut wodka, not my dreek. 

Summer Tunes 2022

Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Summer Tunes 2019

Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019 • 2022
La Jolla Shores Beach Bonfire

Summer Tunes
is a playlist I started last year. Here's a major update with just under 100 YouTube videos that is the perfect long-playlist for any summer activity. Enjoy my friends!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Summer Tunes 2018

Summer Tunes 2018 & 2019 • 2022

T-shirts, cut-offs, and a pair of thongs
We've been having fun all summer long

Brian Wilson

Updated - Okay, starting week two of summer tunes as I have been busy on the YouTubes collecting now a 100 different eclectic videos for your summertime listening pleasure! This week I really got into watching Beach Boys videos, stories and just enjoying the music of Brian Wilson. Brian's one of rock 'n' rolls greatest artists and a fascinating character to put it mildly. I love this picture of him and wish him as much happiness as he has given all of us with his music! Please make some time this summer to relax, maybe next to a body of water, and listen to some music. Enjoy my friends!