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Monday, February 06, 2017

"Doug's Music Vault" Radio- February 6, 2017

In past blogs I've talked about my general avoidance of most FM radio. For me, the only radio stations worth listening to in San Diego are KSDS Jazz 88.3 (from San Diego City College) and NPR/KPBS (from San Diego State University). Just like the old days, college radio still rocks and now streams on all devices. So for radio in the car,  I have these two great options on the radio preset buttons. But, I also have my third and personalized option, Doug's Music Vault* that resides in my 128GB Micro-SD Memory Card inside my smart phone. With Bluetooth built-into the car audio system, I start my Amazon Music Player- set to- Music Offline- Shuffle All Songs and I'm ready to ease on down the road with Doug Radio.

With MK in the car, it's a completely different experience as she tells me, "skip, no, no, no, yes", as I hit the forward  > button on my steering wheel like a B.F. Skinner behavior modification experiment from the 1950's. With MK, it usually takes several skips before the shuffle comes up with something she likes and the world is again spinning in perfect harmony as we travel together in the car. (The picture above meets her approval as anything by the Eagles gets a play.) We are going on a road trip to Bishop, CA in the near future and I'm anticipating this rhythm as we hit the road with my, or should I say, our tunes. C'mon man, my left thumb is going to get a work out as I wear that button out.

Anyway, here are some of the songs this past week from listening to Doug Radio (solo) in the car and featured here for your listening enjoyment in this YouTube Playlist.

*Footnote - Doug's Music Vault name is inspired by Wolfgang's Vault - I started listening to 60's concerts from the Vault website until like some many sites, became a bait and switch to subscription service.

Wolfgang's Vault was started by William E. Sagan, who purchased a warehouse filled with Bill Graham Productions memoribilia in 2003, including taped concert recordings, for about $6 million. These materials had various owners after the death of Bill Graham, the concert promoter, in 1991. The name Wolfgang's Vault is inspired by Bill Graham's original name, Wolodia "Wolfgang" Grajonca.

The company launched its website in November 2003. Later that year, Wolfgang’s Vault released the BG Archive photography collection, and subsequently added collections called "vaults" for: vintage poster art, rock clothing, vintage audio concert recordings. The Video Vault was added in 2011. On August 7, 2012, Wolfgang's Vault announced to its free streaming service users, via email, that later converted to a subscription based model on August 8, 2012. - from Wikipedia