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Monday, June 03, 2019


Here's a little shout out to my dear friends Paul and Jane Hobbs who made the trip down from the Central Coast to see the very funny Jim Gaffigan at the Del Mar Fair last Saturday night.

On Sunday, Paul sent me a text me to say it was a fabulous show and with that in mind, thought I'd take a little music break and bring in some stand up and sketch comedy favorites this week.

This gives me a chance to share a clip of the great Tim Conway who recently passed away and like Gaffigan made everybody laugh every single time he did a bit. In my humble opinion, I think comedy is one of the hardest professions on earth. I know it's not brain surgery, but what a skill to examine life and then have the ability to make people laugh, over and over again.

I have tremendous respect for musicians and comedians as comedy like music soothes the soul. I hope you can have a few good laughs here to start your week. Enjoy my friends!