Monday, January 05, 2015

Grooveshark and a Fitting First Post (Updated)

Update - If you haven't heard, Grooveshark is dead . I'm now updating my first blogs using YouTube music videos as my new go to replacement.

So, here is my first song, Monday Monday by the Mama's and Papa's. Original blog below.


Hello all, I'm Doug McIntosh and this is my new music blog. I plan to post something every Monday about music I like, so here goes!

Being born in 1955 and raised on rock n' roll I have come to appreciate a variety of music over the years. A couple of years ago a friend told me about Grooveshark and in my opinion it has become the best free music streaming service on the Internet. Grooveshark does one big important thing services like Spotify just haven't matched, it allows you to load an entire catalog of songs/albums from an artist into a playlist you create! Using Grooveshark, I have now created 52 playlists with almost the complete catalogs of many of my favorite groups and individual artists. I have all this at the touch of my computer or with me always on my smartphone.

Once I started using Grooveshark, I just stopped loading and using my iPod altogether. You will be amazed at all the FREE and legal music you can collect and stream on your computer and phone, anyway it works for me and I hope you enjoy this little music Monday tip!

It would be most fitting to start off my first post with links to Grooveshark featuring the Mama's and the Papa's 1966 album,  If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears and the hit single, Monday Monday that is the inspiration for this blog and the era of my musical roots. Happy Monday everyone!

Grooveshark direct link - Monday Monday

Grooveshark embed audio player
Monday, Monday by The Mamas & the Papas on Grooveshark

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