Monday, June 06, 2022

#BestSongIHeardToday • Volume 12

A complete rust bucket by 2025? That's my prediction of this metal bucket turned flower pot purchased a couple of years ago at Ross Dress For Less on the senior 10% off Tuesday. I'm always on the hunt for Mexican clay pots or metal containers that I can stick my succulents in. 

Now let me tell you straight up, I don't know squat about succulents. I don't know know their names, I don't know what this one's name is, I'll call it, "Not Dead Yet" succulent.  All I know is that if it has a thick rubbery petal, it's a succulent. All I have to do is snap off a limb from a larger plant (thanks mom) and stick it in some kind of pot with planting soil, and I'm good to go. People ask me what I do to have such green plants? um.... "I send them positive vibes." I was going to say, "I pray with them" but the proof-reader in me said, "Maybe just try not to piss off anybody in authority this week."

Now the impending rust bucket is a daily visual reminder for me to stay sharp, keep moving, and to do a little more in life, than "just add water," as you can see what it's done for this bucket, just sitting around. Hey, I even drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom of this bucket for drainage and all. The gratitude of such objects, probably is going to start calling itself, "shabby chic" any day now. (Is he going to talk about music at some point here?)

So I bumped into Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps (1979) (from Youtube's AI watch over me) the other day, and I thought I'd marry my succulent bucket with Neil's sentiment to keep moving forward... like ride your bike or you're going to freeze up the gears and chain, something like that. (Can you believe he's not going to talk about the song, 'My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)' and Kurt Cobain and everything about better to be this than that? I tell ya, he's no Robert Hilburn. I just checked the playlist and it's not there either.)

Enjoy the playlist my friends.

Here is the YouTube Music app which is great for listening to this playlist on your phone. Click on the text link below.

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  1. This playlist burst from my phone’s tiny speakers like a tidal wave when Harry’s House came on. Had to put on the whole Hissing of Summer Lawns album immediately.


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