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Monday, September 09, 2019


It's second semester, I'm going to guess February or March, 1976 and Chris Mitchell walks into my dorm room in Toltec Hall at San Diego State University. Chris was a couple of doors down, and I believe he got a madman (punk kid liar) as his second semester roommate. His previous roommate Larry had moved back to San Francisco and Chris was suddenly spending more time in my room. Fellow hallmate and new lifelong friend, Mark Hunter may have also been in the room as the three of us would often listen to music together.

Anyway, to the best of my best recollection Chris comes in with the new Heart album Dreamboat Annie and says, "You guys have got to listen to this!"

Chris was all over this band.  The album cover of the Wilson sisters, Anne and Nancy had me before the needle hit the record. I also remember Chris leaving a note on my door one day that said, "Joe Walsh has joined the Eagles." That note blew my mind!

Fast forward to September, 2019 and I'm floating down the lazy river in Las Vegas with Mary Kit all these years later. As always we catch Love at the Mirage and Bill Maher as well this round. Last night we saw Elle King, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Heart at the Pearl Theater at the Palms. Wow, what a night of rock 'n' roll with these wonderful women!

Here's my Heart Spotify Playlist link.

Here's my Heart YouTube Playlist that is heavily influenced by the Pearl Theater setlist.

Cheers to Chris Mitchell as I believe he would have loved this show too!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A matter of heart

Tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of my heart attack and it is something that I have quietly celebrated with my wife Mary Kit every year since. Sometimes we go out to dinner on February 17th and I guess that is ironic in that Mary Kit and I never celebrate Valentine's Day which is just a few days before. I feel that Valentine's Day with the heart symbols, flowers, chocolates, dinner and cards is kind of a Hallmark holiday.  Mary Kit woke up this morning and told me that she loves me and I would say that we say, "I love you" everyday to each other. I like to think we celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day everyday and in my own way, I celebrate my life this time of year as reminder that each day is a gift. We all need to work on our health and be there for the people we love and our music will always there for us, to keep us young at heart.

So I got to thinking about 'songs with heart in the title' and googled it. I looked at several hits and found a very A-Z comprehensive list. I don't have the data, but would guess that more than half of all songs written are about love or a metaphor for love, attraction, desire and well, on and on in that vein.

Check out my new updated playlist on YouTube and take care.