Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Playlist

The thought of doing a Halloween Playlist never occurred to me until I realized a couple of weeks ago that Halloween actually falls on a Monday (today). Better get on that...

Funny how halloween became hijacked first by young Boomer adults in the 70's. in january 1980, i started teaching at a school for students with severe disabilities and met a teacher there who i'll call here, ms. outthere. 

ms. Outthere was the first person i knew who started dressing up for halloween during the first week of october. 

Now Ms. outthere was maybe 5-10 years older than me so she was a front end boomer where i kind of picked up at the middle to later half of kids born after 1945. so ms. outthere probably was a budding mod go-go girl in jr. high, then in the late 60's a full fledged hippie, not a flower-type hippie, more of a party-type if you get my drift. 

in 1980, I remember ms. outthere at halloween as a combination of bette midler's characters from the rose  and Hocus pocusthis major party gal took halloween seriously and made it her own national holiday and married it with something like Brazil's carnaval.

So Ms. outthere was a true pioneer in taking children's halloween to a whole different adult level, maybe even johnny depp's role model (and you thought that was keith richards). 

Happy Halloween Ms. Outthere, wherever you are.

Now the playlist this week is a mixed bag (bad joke) from one hit wonder ray parker jr. to...Boo Radley, everyone's favorite hero.

Happy Halloween to all the moms and dads, oh and their children too!

And a bonus treat playlist too! The Beatles 2022
(63 tracks remix) of Revolver

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