Monday, November 14, 2022

#BestSongIHeardToday • Volume 17

Oh, the hours we'd spent inside the Coliseum
Dodging lions and wasting time
Oh, those mighty kings of the jungle, I could hardly stand to see 'em
Yes, it sure has been a long, hard drive

Train wheels are running through the back of my memory
When I ran on the hilltop following a pack of wild geese
Someday everything is gonna sound like a rhapsody
When I paint my masterpiece

from When I Paint My Masterpiece, Bob Dylan

I'm currently working on something for work that might be something special, at least for me. I've worked in education as a teacher since 1979, and now in the education market since 2014 as a learning environment designer. There have been lots of ups and downs like with any job, but one can often sense when something big in their world is about to happen. 

It's a great feeling creating something new. It depends on you and the people around you. Like the song says, I've been in the lion's den, but I've also had wonderful periods working with people who love to collaborate and work together as a team. Right now, I'm with the latter group. 

Some people may wonder, why am I still doing this? Well, I keep on tryin'... to paint my masterpiece.



  2. Love what you wrote. Inspirational and enticing for those of us eager to see this masterwork you been engaged in. And I’m loving the playlist. Just got back from a run and the songs carried me like I was on the wings of a nightingale… know what I mean? Thanks Doug.

    1. Sure do.


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