Monday, November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Leftovers

As we approach the end of 2022, Thanksgiving is that perfectly situated holiday to begin the reflection period of looking back at the year, the ups and downs, but with our baked-in tradition as a nation for focusing on the positive. 

I have so much to be thankful for this year, but being true to my nature, feel uncomfortable to share them in a blog post. 

A couple of weeks ago, I remembered that I had created a 2018 blog and playlist for Thanksgiving and thought I'd pull that post and playlist out to take a listen. The blog talks about hearing the Don Henley song, My Thanksgiving. As I recall, I looked to find the song on YouTube for my Thanksgiving playlist and true to my anticipated misgivings of NOT finding Don Henley songs on YouTube, it wasn't there.

I've got great expectations
I've got family and friends
I've got satisfying work
I've got a back that bends
For every breath, for every day of living
This is my Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving, Don Henley

Being a hopeful fan, I again searched for Mr. Henley's wonderful song this year, and same result, nada.
But, I did find a smartphone cover of the song as a silver lining by a guy named Tom G. Tom does a nice interpretation with just him and his acoustic guitar. He's got the same IKEA bookcase shelf as me in the background with several of the same rock 'n' roll biographies as me too, hey this guy's alright! 

It's Sunday morning with my Monday Monday morning deadline. Not a lot in the tank as work is taking over at the moment. I did wake up with WKRP's Les Nessman on my mind and the famous Turkeys Away 1978 episode. I found that funny clip (love YouTube) and a few other gems to make a leftover turkey-cranberry sandwich several days removed from Thursday. 

Mr. Carlson: (As he walks in at the end of the episode and announces to the WKRP staff)
"As God as my witness... I thought turkeys could fly."

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

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  1. Doug:
    I listened to all the music last week. Many times I was so enthused with the music you presented to us. Thank you for all your effort.

    With regard to this week, for some reason I always enjoyed WKRP when it was on. It was one of those old days shows that I scheduled around. Also, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year for all the obvious reason, so I look forward to listening again this week.


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